Is she just not interested or not into me like i am into her?

I met this girl from online we went on a date everything went very well after that we did text each other we talked about seeing each other again and sometimes she flirted she is busy with exams and told me we must wait after her exams even tho she is going out during her exams with her friends i am thinking she lost interest or unsure and havent made her mind up but sometimes she completly ignores my text messages im still waiting for her to finish her exams she doesnt text me or anything during exams i sended her a message telling her she must be honest with me how she feels but i get nothing back i really like this girl should i just move on or just cool down and whatever happens happens ? opinions would be apreciated thanks

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    I think she is saving you for a rainy day when she has nothing else to do. Just cool down and stop thinking about her. If she's interested she'll get the message to you that she is.

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