How do get rid of the smell in the litter box?

We have two cats, one who smells absolutely horrible when he uses the litter box. we scoop it out everyday and change the litter once a week. its a great brand of kitty litter, but when you walk past the bathroom you smell it horribly. what can i do to get rid of the smell??

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    You can try adding baking soda, and/or strips of newspaper to the litter (add the paper gradually so the cats won't mind it) Both of those should help. You might just have to put the box in a more ventilated area though, near a window you can open every morning.

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    I know it sounds inconvenient but try scooping twice a day - morning and evening. Also I put a very strong odor neutralizer/deodorizer (something made specifically for pet odors works best) near the litter box area and locate the litter box in an area where you don't get hit with the smell coming in the door.

    My daughter works in a pet store and she uses a flush-able litter and keeps the litter box in the bathroom where she can scoop it into the toilet every time the cat uses the litter box. She also says that the food you give your cat can affect the smell.

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    I found that feeding the cat a premium cat food helped a lot. When I used a good scoopable litter, like you, and a premium cat food, nobody smelled the litter box.

    I fed my 2 cats Nutro-Max (which they loved). I understand Royal Canin is also good (which the dog loves). Of course, there are other brands as well. The sales rep whole sold us on Nuto-Max said to make sure the first ingredients are meat and not meat bi-products or corn.

    The premium food is digested more thoroughly resulting is less waste and less aromatic waste.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  • Science Diet will help your cats digest their food better. If they are not fixed then it's probably going to continue. For some reason cats who are not neutered/spayed have an odor to their pee. You might also want to have them checked for a UTI. Sometimes cats have them and they or you don't even notice. I also have a cat and I put a Glade Oil Warmer with the Clean Linen scent right next to her litter box. No one even knows I have a cat unless they know me when they walk in our home. GOOD LUCK!

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    You can add baking soda to the litter. I would also ask the vet about it. You may want to change the brand of cat food you are feeding him.

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    train the cats to poo outside

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