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would like to dress up?

this is difficult for me and i know i will get more often than not a negative response but i figured i dont know most of the people on here, so what do i have to loose, so here goes...

im a younger male, and have always been attracted to womens clothing and very often try to dress as a girl, yes i know this makes me a crossdresser and now im ready to admit it and seek some help.

so whos willing?

i would like advice on what its like to dress in girl clothes everyday, i want to make my condo more feminine as well.

please if you can or are willing to take on the challenge of helping me transform into a more feminine girly girl, i would be forever in debt.

please post some outfit ideas ideas to transform my condo into a more girly one. im serious about this and hope you are to..

thank you in advance and dont hesitate to email me please.

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    i promise i wont' judge because i have a friend like this :) it's all ok in my book

    um well girls clothes are kind of uncomfortable sometimes especially heels. and if you want a more feminine apartment don't go like pink but maybe make suttle changes like from blue to purple or from grey to brown that makes it more soft and girly. if you think you have a problem (as mentioned above in seeking help) maybe talk to somebody about it. as for more girly clothes get tighter fitting jeans (not girl pants please) and though you aren't shaped for girls tops maybe in the guys section go for button up shirts in pastels or polo shirts (from lacoste) in more feminine colors. i really hope this helps and i wish you luck whichever way you decide to go.

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    I got a hard-on (sorry for the non-productive comment)

    Idk, try to err more on the classy side. Try to keep everything neat and organized, don't leave beer or empty pizza boxes lying around. Look for cute little gimmicks like wall decorations, welcome mats etc.

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    well,its so easy to find girl outfit,just buy a magazines,there a lot of choice that u can make...

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    There's nothing wrong with being gay

    If you can watch Queer eye for a straight guy

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    omg!!!! Dont derss like a girl!!!! Your a guy!!!! I dont know how you could do this!!! If your attracted to girl clothes get a girlfriend and buy her clothes you would like to see her wear!!!!! Guys shouldnt dress like girls!!!

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