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How to increase push-ups?

Shipping out in a few months and Im trying to get my push ups maxed out before i ship but for some darn reason I can never go passed 30-37 before i give out. I also have a hard time gaining muscle weight. It feels like no matter how much a work out, my body isnt getting any bigger than it already has, any advice???

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    PROTEIN > builds muscle 1-1.5 grams per lb of body weight per day for males.

    DO the following twice a week at least 2 days apart > start at 25 push-ups and drop 1 each set (25 push-ups >24 push-ups > 23 > push-ups keep this up until you just do 1). The 2 days is so you body can rest and heal.

    Vet-USAF / part time body builder

    Added : I believe that will be 325 push-ups in one day.

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    There are several ways.

    1. Do multiple sets of push ups.

    Do as many as you can, wait 5 Min's, do as many as you can, repeat 5 until you do 5 sets.

    2. After you do as many regular pushups as you can, then do knee pushups,

    IE: put your knees on the ground and continue doing pushups.

    3. Switch hand positions during pushups,

    Do pushups with hands sholder width apart, the next time, do pushups with your hands side by side,

    This wil work slightly different muscles, which will help overall.

    But you want to be doing at least 250 to 300 pushups every day

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    Just work on it every day, that's the way to build muscle. I too have that problem. Try your hardest before you ship out, and they will take care of the rest. They will make sure you are worked hard enough to get the push ups you need.

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    Before I went to Basic, I could do a highly impressive 40 in one time. Believe it! After I left, however I could do a whopping 53! (Oh snap). But after my arms healed from the abuse I gave 'em, in AIT, I could do 93 in two minutes. Hell, just stay motivated, remember that 'getting punished' will in fact make yoù stronger the next day! Your battle buddies will screw you over, and you'll just get sexy! Mess up on purpose! Tuck in your blouse! Wear your PT shorts as underwear! Stand at Parade-attention! All ways to get RIPPED!

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    i would do 1 more each time. just 1 and maybe youll get there. my husband just got out of basic and he had to do 50 to pass. and plus you do a lot more than you think you can in basic. good luck!

    Source(s): air force wifey
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    inform you the fact am 14 via the way and that they artwork for me my chest pops out of my shirt lol.attempt dips to guy the help me.Take some dumbells and produce them down on your chest and up thats helps me.I been doing alot of diverse artwork outs make a nutrition plan via reducing out pop and sugary snacks drink a bottle of water in morning and nighttime.god success bro.!

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    keep doing more and more push ups

    Don't worry. When in basic you will do more than you ever thought possible

    Source(s): USMC 1989-1993
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    join the military, preferably the marines, they know how to motivate people into doing more pushups!!

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