when i connect my computer to internet LAN stops responding?


mb intel 865glc

pro 3.06 ghz

Combo LG

dvd LG

Memory 512 mb

lan card ethernet realtek RTL 8189

hub Baynet + baynet (2)

using dialup 56kbps

Network holds 9 PCs

the problem is that if i stay offline from internet the local area networks very fine but when i connect my pc(server) to internet the local pcs do not show server in "my network places" even // command doesnt work and also ping says request timed out

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Is your windows corrupted?

    Perhaps there is virus in your computer.

    There could also be problem in your server...contact ISP...

    It could also be that there is virus in other Pcs that has come into yours and is affecting ur computer.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    that's attainable to be related to a on the spot community without being related to the internet. examine your modem and confirm that the modem is hooked to the internet. what's the kind and kind of your modem? Please deliver me a email and that i are able that might assist you extra. permit me clarify this to you. in case you have dialup, you may plug your telephone cable rapidly into your computing gadget and the indoors modem on your computing gadget interperts the sign. If have DSL, you're able to join with a provider and that they promises you an exterior modem. With DSL, you plug your telephone line into the exterior modem. then you extremely hook a on the spot router to that modem. With a DSL connection, you do no longer could "dial" the relationship; the internet is declared continuously. A modem will create a on the spot community no remember however if the intenet is declared to it or no longer. for that reason, in case you have dialup and are hooking your telephone cable into your modem, your modem will create a on the spot community yet you will no longer have the means to connect with the internet over this community. desire this facilitates.

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