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Do you think that it is okay to get preg. if...?

My husband and I are trying for a baby, but i am over weight do you think that it is still okay to get preg.

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  • Dell
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    This is the time to take care of yourself and get in shape! The better shape your in the better chance you have of getting pregnant, staying pregnant and hvaing a healthly baby.

    That being said, I'm consistently abount 20-40 lbs "over weight". It's just genetics in my family. I'm 5' tall and will never weigh the 124 lbs that I "should" weigh. I've had two healthly babies and I'm pregnant with healthly baby number three.

    You should make sure you keep in close contact with your ob/gyn and your regular doc. They should be able to help. Also make sure you get any eating issues out of the way now. If you over eat or eat lots of food that's bad for you you should make sure your not doing that while your pregnant.

    If your extremely overweight you may have more trouble getting pregnant and keeping the baby.

    Source(s): Doula and midwifery student
  • Isis
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    How overwight are you? Your doctor might have you lose weight during your first two trimesters if he's concerned.

    Go ahead a get a copy of what to expect when your expecting. I lays out something called the pregnancy diet and I strongly suggest that you start eating according to it now before you get pregnant. Not only will it help you maintain a healthy weight while you trying to conceive, and it will make it easier to conceive. Plus you'll be eating right from the start and won't have to change your eating habits overnight.

    Encourage your husband to go on the diet with you so that you'll have some support at home.

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    Well it does depend on what you're considering "overweight". If it is nothing serious, that should not have any affect on your fertility. But if you are more than (I guess 30 lbs, honestly not sure), I would speak with your doctor to make sure my weight has nothing to do with trying to procreate.

    Good Luck and God Bless!

    Source(s): Mommy to 2 1/2 yr old and 28w2d's preggo
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    Yes, is ok to get pregnant but you should be care full during the pregnancy not to get much kilos.The doctor will inform you about that.

    Good Luck.!

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  • Anonymous
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    of course its ok, i a little overweight is fine! if you are extremely over weight that might casue a problem trying to conceive.

    If you are worried speak to your Doc and tell them you are worried that being overweight is causing you fertility problems.

    All the Best



    Source(s): 23 wks pregnant only 16 wks to go!! whoo not that im excited or anything! lol
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    it depend on how overweight you are, like 5, 10 pounds not bad but 70 or 100 you have a problem!

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    you should try and lose some weight... remember you gain some through out your pregnancy and you can develop diabetes also. start watching what you eat now and start walking and exercising.

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    Your doctor is the best one to answer that question.

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    That's ok, carry on , God bless

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    yea how overweight are you?

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