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Can you give some examples of TV stars that have distinct regional accents (for NY, NJ, CA, OH, MA, Philly)?

I know that accents vary from region to region in a state. But I'd like a good generalization. My take on the following accents:

New York accent - Al Pacino

Boston, MA - Matt Damon

New Jersey (North Jersey/LI NY) - Tony Soprano

LI - Ray Romano

CA - ???

OH - ???

I am especially confused between the northern Ohio and California accents, there seems to be hardly any difference and I cannot tell them apart on TV. Both seem to have the standard American accents. Does Letterman have a Ohio or California accent? Also, the Michigan and Wisconsin accents also sound very standard American accents to me. I am a NJ native.


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    Try listening to Drew Carey and Paris Hilton. There is a difference. Most celebs go to voice coaches to get what is known to be a mid western accent. Somewhere in the Kansas area is what they aim for. Apparantly it is the most neutral accent in the states. Unless a celeb is known for an area it's almost impossible to tell where they are from due to the coaching. Also Michigan and Wisconsin have very distinctive accents. If you've ever heard anyone esp from WI talk you will notice they tend to draw thier o's making them sound like Wiskaaahhhnsin. It's pretty unmistakable.

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    i totally agree with u.

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