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need help wondows won't start?

the other day my computer froze on me and so i hit the power button to restart it but when it came back on a error screen came up saying that windows was unable to start because a file was corrupted or missing. i can't remember the exact wording of what the message said but i know that it was something like bios.ini ( sorry i truly can't remember exact) it told me i could attempt to repair it with the windows disk and so i inserted my windows disk and it took me to the repair screen and i pressed 'r' but then ..nothing. i tried reinstalling windows and it got to the screen that says it is looking for other versions but never moves past that point. i waited for almost 3 hours and it never moved from that point. i have tried safe mode i have tried everything i can think of but it always gives me the same error message about a corrupt or missing file.

any suggestions?

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    Check the following information...might be helpful for you to resolve the error coz it did help me resolve the issue....

    "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:


    Insert the Windows XP Bootable installation CD in to the drive.

    Select repair (r) at the start of the Installtion Setup.

    select the required Windows by selecting the respective serial number.

    Run chkdsk /p from the Recovery Console

    if that does not work, then try the following

    From the Recovery Console, perform the following steps.

    1-cd C:\"system volume information"

    2-cd _resto~1

    3Check dir and locate a folder named RP with the highest number

    4-cd RPxxx (where xxx is the highest number available)

    5-cd snapshot

    6-copy _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SYSTEM C:\Windows\System32\Config\System

    7-reboot the system by typing exit or quit

    If the procedure does not work, then perform the following steps.

    1-From the recovery console go to cd C:\Windows\Repair

    2-copy System C:\Windows\Sytem32\Config\System

    3-Reboot the system by typing exit or quit

    Hopefully the above procedure will work with full satisfaction. If the problem persists, the issue is related to hardware, either with the RAM or harddisk, you need to change the hardware.

    Installing a new OS will give the same error message after 2-3 days of installation....

    Source(s): Self issue resolved without losing data...
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    make sure to set bios to boot cd,you might have to do a clean install,

    delete the parition c: start over,the error was probably this files that was

    damaged ntldr file,a boot file,try this first before clean install,f8 to the safe mode,use system restore ,back two days,next time it freezes

    use ctrl+alt+delete twice,that should shut it down,reboot

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    try reinstalling it completely rather than repairing it.

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    buy a mac

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