How to get myself out of a bad relationship?

Together over 2 years...(DONT LIVE TOGETHER)

he has major ANGER problems..unhuman like

does ANYTHING I want etc N when hes GOOD hes beyond EXCELLENT, but now Im OVER IT n can careless what he does 4 ME!,

i cant tolerate his mood swings, consistant harrassing, and violence- towards others as well as with me.

Given him a million chances, hoping things would change cuz i "love" him, but NO HOPE..and I dont care to ruin my life and set myself up 4 failure AGAIN or DEATH! he wants to bs bs..(i dont believe a word) and wont take "NO, i dont want you anymore" as my answer...what the hell do I do??..As a normal human I feel bad 4 him when he crys (currently)-cuz im stupid cuz hes trash, n i dont want to call cops or get families involved (i put myself in this bs, so i need 2 get myself out)..what the hell should i do? Its obvious from my action I dont, he blocks off I dont want you, goes nuts if I dont see him...what should i say? Do? i feel trapped.I NEED OUT ASAP..

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    My opinion,I think you should get out. You are clearly not happy and why would you want to put yourself in that situation any longer? Everyone deserves to be happy. Has he made any effort to change? If not,he is not sincere in his words and you are better off walking away. It sounds like he is a very confused person, and if he truly loves u he would make the effort to change and/or get help.

    Everyone has insecurities of some sort, but he sounds like he is just letting his rule him. If you decide to stay,tell him that your conditions are that he seeks counselling and he has ? months,depending on what u feel ur time limit would be. I am having a similar problem with my bf and we are now in counselling and it has been so much better since we started.Life is short,as we all know,and there is no point in wasting your time with someone who does not love you enough to make the effort to change.Ultimately,if you are not happy,walk away. You are the only one who has to live with you, and do not feel you are forced to stay with someone who is not making you happy.

    Regardless of all the strong,do it yourself woman attitude out there,you do not deserve ****.And you deserve a man who will take care of u back,not just you taking care of him.Men love lookin after their woman haha and so they should.(and vice versa).That to me is the sign of real love. Don't hesitate to make yourself happy as well. Or you will only end up bitter and angry towards your bf and it will definitely NOT work then. It's better to leave than have that happen.

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    Dear lady, you are in quite a predicament!

    It seems you are in a violent and abusive relationship. It is generally seen that people who are already in such relations continue being in them even at the peril of their lives or worse those of their loved ones.

    It is obvious that u are not getting the love and respect in your relationship

    The right answer for you will depend on many factors:- how much u want 'out', what avenues of help u have and your own economic and maybe social independence (are you earning or able to earn?/ do you have supportive friends or family doctor or social workers nearby )

    The reason why u "dont want to call cops or get families involved (i put myself in this bs, so i need 2 get myself out" is also not clear. The mistake/ 'bs', if any, is already done and there is no use crying over it. I am sure others will understand as well. What matters is that which u have left.

    Was it childhood love or youth romance turning into a marriage? If yes, then did he have such impulses then- is it actually some disease or stress at the job/ ...

    Its actually quite difficult to up and go- but do stick to the decision once u have made it

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    If you are always dating controlling women, keep it as friends for a while, maybe mess around for a while before you make anyone a serious girlfriend. Hopefully you will catch those bad qualities in time if you see it just wont work. Also, girls control men who allow themselves to be controlled. I know because I am a girl and I can see suckers from a mile away. Usually, I prefer a man with a backbone. If I can control them easily, the relationship fails. If i can control them, i fall in love!!! you can meet someone online. I have a friend who got married that way.

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    yeh thats hard.. just thank your heavens you dont live with him. i was living with a psycho gf with anger problems, i had to make up some big lie and just disappear one day, taking a flight out of the province.. that didnt stop her from doing some nasty things in retaliation, but im just so glad its over. heres some advice, find a bunch of tough guys and befriend them, should be easy since youre a girl. once youre close with them a bit you can briefly tell them the situation, watch as they fall over eachother for the right to protect you from him.

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    No one in their right mind would subject themselves to danger. Call the police when he breaks the law, obtain a protective order from the court, and do not communicate with him. You are enabling insane behavior by remaining in his life.

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    Im so sorry for what you had to go through but you said it gal get out ASAP.You deserve more and better.Good luck will say a pray for you to strong.

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