Can my aunt be exposed to toxoplasmosis?

My aunt is about 6 months pregnant now & owns 2 cats, she was not aware of this condition, she always changes the litter box, how can she find out if she was exposed or if her unborn child was harmed in any way ?? Please help.

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    I was told that the greatest risk for toxoplasmosis is if the cats are meat-eaters. If they are indoor cats that eat only cat food, the risk is low. She should not change the litter box any more and visit with her Dr. about it, but I think she will be fine.

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    1 decade ago

    Tell her to stop changing the litter now!. If she has had the cats for awhile, then she was probably exposed a long time ago and already has an immunity to it. If she is concerned she can speak with her doctor. I think the biggest risk of toxo. is miscarriage.

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