I am an executor to my dads will. I went thru probate and there is money in a checking account he had.?

How do I sign the check from that checking account to deposit in his estate account?

Excutor Of Estate and my name?

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    1 decade ago
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    Ask the solicitor who held his will..

  • You can sign your name to his check. You should be on the account, noted as executor, just as if it were your account. Your father's name is in effect now like any other business name. You are authorized to sign his checks with your name. Your father is deceased, nobody expects you to forge his signature. I am currently an executor and I have never signed my mom's name on any of her checks that have come in. I always sign my name.

    If you are just moving money from an account, check to see if there are any joint owners or POD (Pay on Death). These accounts bypass probate. But if it was just his account, maybe just go to the bank branch with your paperwork and just withdraw and close account.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ask the solicitor

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