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Lost Social Security Card?

I lost my social security card and I need it for tomorrow. I'm going to the local social security office today to file for a new one. But my question is will they give me some sort of temporary card or paper or something with my social security number on it? Thanks in advance


It's not lost, lost, it's somewhere at my mother's house and I can't drive all the way there. It's too far away and even then, I don't know exactly where it is. And it's always good to have an extra

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    You will get a temp piece of paper that should be enough to verify your ss.

  • Pablo
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    You will have to provide proof, They will issue you a new one. The may ask to see an official Birth Certificate, Paid bills as proof of residence, Tax returns that show your card is active and being used even if you are not in possession of one. I do not think I have had a card in my possession for many years and they still get taxes from me.

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    You will get a new card with the same number. I would suggest you go find the other one. A lot of damage can be done in the wrong hands.

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    They will give you a brand new card. That's happened to me before.

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    Yes or just ask an illegal alien. One of them has probably been using it and has stolen your identity.

  • Anonymous
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    Report it asap.

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