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Im going to repost this hoping more will answer plz help me out/peeps who are 18 and older?

Alright so here is the dealio, I am pretty self confident but not cocky at all lol i can just say i am fine with who i am, i know what i like, and what i want is a guy who kind of has a thing with another girl which had started before we ever met....

k haha basically we kind of saw each other from a far and "noticed" each other when we first came to college but the other night i played a lot of beer pong with him and some close buddies and i got pretty sick haha (lightweight) but he was a sweetheart and took care of me and stayed the night with me just to make sure i was ok. we didnt do anything at all he was just being a good guy....well i took him as the playa at first bc he is pretty cute, but the fact that he stayed with me was like major my real question is how and what can i do to draw him to want to hang with me more even though the other girl i think is prettier than me lol but me and him have a lot in common...idk tell me what you think

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Ok well he does not have a girl friend she is just a fling and i did my research and he isnt a player lol from what i heard because he had a long relationship with this one girl but they decided to break it off because they both were going to different colleges...but yea the whole fact he stayed with me just shocked me and i wasnt drunk of my ***, i just got sick lol i have only blacked out once and ever since then, i am pretty good with alcohol consumption and having a safe but good time...


GAHHH that is the thing is i dont want to seem to clingly and being a freshman there is only so much we can do on campus haha im just overthinking i think lol typical thanks for the answers and maybe i will just have to play more pong haha seeing thats what made him stay last time? im jp i guess only time will tell

Update 2:

and sorry for so much info i hella have A.D.D. its not that i can't control myself lol i just have a lot of energy.

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    your in college---your a big girl now---just go ask him to hang out!!

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    Why don't you try hanging out with him?

    Are you in any of the same classes? Sit with him and ask to be his study buddy.

    If not ask him if he would like to hang out with you at the weekend idk go to the pictures or bowling?

    Laugh about the whole being ill and let him know that isn't like you at all, flirt with him get his number! But most of all be yourself, he must have a little thing for you to spend all nite with you to make sure you were ok, maybe ask him to stay with you and keep you safe some other time! Be cute sexy not slutty sexy!

    Good Luck

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    I'd check him out woth NO booze. Go out for lumch or even just a cofffe. Spend time in the real world with eyes wide open - tell him thanks for all the support the other night and that you're a little embarrased about it all..... TALK - LISTEN see what he's like then. Chances are he's just one of the good guys.... As for the rest you'll just have to play it buy ear.....

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    next time you see him go up to him & say hey! Thanks soo much for staying with me the other night! It was soo sweet of you! I was totally wasted & i didnt mean to get that way, im sorry, but next time Im gonna kick your butt at beer pong! Guys like a little competition & it keeps him thinking about inviting you again the next time that he goes to drink with his buddies. Then the next time that you do go-flirtingly get the competition goin & if he plays back take it a step further-first one to win 5 games has to do someting for the other one or has to kiss the other one. or something-just get creative & flirty with it so he is attracted to you-but be cool with his friends, if you piss them off or annoy them they will rag on him for liking you & he cant handle that-they are his buds. Good luck!! :-) oh & it doesnt matter that the other girl is prettier-she could be a total B*TCH!!! He might think that you are much nicer & prettier!

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    Well seeing as how you are very confident you should keep being yourself and hint at the fact you like him. Or you could just be like me and tell him you like him if he likes you back then great if not you should try to stay friends he sounds like a good guy.

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    Ask him to come over. When he get there offer him a drink. Ask him if he mind if you change into something more comfortable. Come out in your bra and sexy panties. Then let nature take its course and if nessary help him along with some french kissing. I hope this helps.Make sure you do things safely. Good Luck.

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    stay good friends with him , chat to him, get to know him .give him all the right signals but don't push it too fast. It should happen but all in good time.

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    play more pong and get really wasted and have him come over

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    play more and go out to movies

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