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If I visit a physciatrist....?

If I am just now realizing that I need to see a physciatrist, (and have already made the appointment) is it possible to get a note from the doctor excusing my missed days of school due to mental illness (severe depression, dysthymia)??????


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    First of all, its psychiatrist.

    Secondly, do you really want a letter from a 'psychiatrist' excusing you from school? You might be subject to some unfair stigma regarding seeing a psychiatrist. If I were you, I would say you saw a medical doctor (a psychiatrist falls under this umbrella term), and if the school desires proof, find out if the psychiatrist can write a note explaining you had an appointment with him, but not mention he is a psychiatrist.

    I don't think that the doctor will be able to excuse your days from school however. Just because a person is depressed, they should be excused from their responsibilities? Its tough luck. Your depressed, sucks, but continue going to school. Also, if you are depressed, staying at home would only WORSEN the depression, rather than make it better. By being social, putting in effort, and continuing with life as you were once use to it, this will help you overcome any depression that you may have.

    Best of luck

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    Is good to worry about your future. I think is a very good sign.

    You would need to ask him. but if you are depress they would give you medication so you would not feel the same.

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