GUYS: What should I do with my BF? I think I might have to end this!?

I'm a girl and my BFF is a guy and we have been best friends since spring. We will talk everyday and see each other almost everyday and I would treat him and trust him just like one of my girl friends. Sometimes when we go out, I will help him meet other girls. He is so lonely that I thought I could help him find a girlfriend.

But just recently I started to realize that I have developed feelings for him. I just realized how cute, smart and funny he was. I think he might have liked me over the summer but I would try to hook him up with a girl. Now I realize that I have made a mistake and its too late now because he is starting to really like a girl now. I am happy for him but it seems that he is being distant.

Now I know that when you are first dating someone, you want to make time to see them. This is what I was allowing him to do. But he would call me like a thousand times asking me to come over to watch a movie (which we normally do). But then when I get to his house, he would be on the phone with his girl throughout the whole movie. Finally, I said to him yesterday, "Why don't you just invite her over instead of me if you are just going to be on the phone the whole time?" Then he would say, "No, no! I want you here! Please don't leave!" But I just left during the movie yesterday because I couldn't take him jabbering on the phone while I was trying to watch the movie. What should I do?!! What is your opinion?!!

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    Hi there ,

    i have been in your spot before and it didn't turn out to well

    i used to hang around this chick alot when i was younger and she did the same as you hooked me up with one of her mates i had a lot of feelings for her but she insisted on being mates i fell in love with her Friend and went on with my life later on she come to me saying how she had fallen for me (at this time i was in a full relationship) with her Friend i always had feelings for her so i left my girlfriend for her

    too cut a long story short if she had of told me it earlyer it most likely would of worked out but it didn't ...because of my feelings for the girl she set me up with

    my advice is just tell him how you feel before he gets too indepth with the other person he might tell you he is already in love with another women and turn you down

    but atleast you told him how you feel before it gets too late

    hope this helps

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    Right i see whats happening. Girl he likes you. Gosh if he said go that means go then i don't need you. Hes making you jealous. He hasn't started a strict relationship with this other girl because hes waiting for you to make the first move. I know i sound bad but hes waiting for you. Get him on his own. Ask him who does he like? Ask him have you ever had feelings for me? If he says yes your in there, if he says nothing well that's good because hes just to shy to say. Yet if he says no straight up, that means time has got the best of you. Sorry if i sound like a prat but go for him.

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    You were right but realize we always want what we don't have. Sometimes when we get it, we realize we don't really want it. Sounds like you 2 are playing games.

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