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I just want to be happy?

I don't know what it is, but I always try to pursue happiness and the world always tries to tear me down.

I pursue money but jealous people and people who hate me (for no reason) always bring me down.

I try to smile and be fun, but naysayers and hateful people who are mean and nasty always take advantage of me or bring me down.

I feel like there's no way to get over this slump, and I'll never be happy.

How do you find happiness? What's your secret?


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    Happiness comes from inside of you. Until you figure this out for yourself you'll be destined to the unhappiness that you create. People can only bring you down if you let them.

  • Why are you giving the things that bring you down the power?

    If you can learn to ignore the nasty people, then you'll be a lot happier and better off.

    Surround yourself with people who bring you up, and people who you love and vice versa.

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    Well I always think just a few more years & your out you have your whole life to live stuff like that. By them I mean my parents. They are pretty difficult to live with.

    Really getting through everyday is really tough for me. I know how you feel really.

    Just keep your head held up high--its true. Because people really would kill to see you fall.


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    im a Muslim always islam makes me happy maybe god didn't like the person who you are i wasn't a Muslim and i wasn't happy until someone tell me that i should be Muslim and suddenly all my problems are solved if you want any muslim things just ask me and i will find it to you

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    then become a pirate.

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