Explain Microsoft powerpoint?

details in its steps and techniques

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    There really isn't enough room here in Yahoo answers to explain everything that powerpoint does and is for. You'd really need a book for those details.

    In short, Powerpoint is software that was created for presentations. It's used all over industry from the smallest company up to the Government and Universities. It allows the user to provide briefings in a slide type of format (which gets its name from the now defunct slide projector). In conference rooms with an overhead camera, the powerpoint presentation can be used to show an audience of thousands of attendees. This elminates the high usage of paper handouts.

    Because of its ability to provide various kinds of movement (such as animations or graphic transitions) it can provide the briefer the ability to create a powerpoint presentation.

    Interestingly enough, Microsoft is not the original creator of Powerpoint....Microsoft purchased the software from someone else and has modified it over the last 20yrs along with the rest of its office suites.

    The current version of Powerpoint (2007) is the most powerfull, and best, of all versions to date.

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    A piece of the most disgusting package every created by mankind, Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint is a program used for creating slideshows that never work the way you want them to.

    When one creates a PowerPoint presentation, they begin getting used to the set up of the program. When enough users do this, Microsoft realizes this and decides that its time to bring out an "all new and improved" version that is even worse, more buggy, and has a completely different way of going about things, thus causing users to have to learn it all over again.

    Many users that are dissatisfied with Microsoft's PowerPoint include: script kiddies, programmers, Linux Users, aspiring computer techs, help desk users, and anyone that has used it before.

    Many users that are satisfied with Microsoft's PowerPoint include:

    its creators, soccer moms, someone who doesn't know how to turn a computer on, someone who has never used it.

    Microsoft also insists on charging horridly large amounts of money for this worthless software, making it that much worse. Many users have moved to OpenOffice.org, by name and website, a program that allows users to do everything that PowerPoint can and more, in a much easier way that doesn't have to be constantly relearned. This program also works with Microsoft PowerPoint files, optimizing them and making them better than what they originally were.

    OpenOffice.org is generally accepted as much better by all who have used it, including soccer moms. Many would recommend an immediate change from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice.org to save money and time.

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