Problem with hp 3670 scanjet scanner no destination option?

Please help. I have tried to un-install, re-install with no success. When I press the scan button, it opens a window in which one of the options is to indicate destination for the scanned image. It's a drop-down menu but it is blank and gives me no option what so ever to select any destination. It will not scan if there is no destination so I'm stuck. The scanner software that comes with my windows xp works and communicates fine with the scanner but it is the HP software that won't work. I also tried re-downloading drivers and software with no positive results. I have no clue.


Thank you Fall Beauty, but I tried that also. The problem I'm having is precisely with the HP software which is the latest available on the HP site. Any other ideas?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    have you tried the scanner and camera wizard? click start, click printers and faxes, click scanners and cameras, double click image scanner device (scanner and camera wizard pops up) follow instructions from there.

    good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    Have you tried pulling down the updated software from HP website? If you havent tried that, I recommend that you do. The software that comes with the scanner sometimes is outdated. has the most updated software.

    If that doesnt work, have you tried backdooring your way in? My 3 in one is the same way. The scan button on the printer doesnt work, but if I open up the HP software and click scan, it works like a charm. Let me know if either of these work.

    Have you tried pulling down the older version of the software (one release back)? There might be a bug with the newest version. You can see if has it, if not I'm sure that has it.

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