What to understand from his message?

I was meeting this guy 3 times and we text each other and today he sent to me this email.

"I do feel that maybe, not everything I am looking for in a relationship is there at the moment.


I have enjoyed meeting you, and spending some time together, and getting to know you a little. It really has been a pleasure learning about all the things you've done.

All the best"

Does this mean he is willing to meet again or it is over?

Should I reply to him something?

what does mean "at the moment" and "maybe" here in the context? Thank you!

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    This was a delicate and classy let down ..sorry...worst part maybe the lack of a specific reason for the let down.

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    The harsh answer and I do hate to be harsh but because you still don't get this is: He is done. He wants to be done and over it and there is no future meeting intended. Over and out finished and Kaput (that's German for broken). He was not looking for a change in you, he is looking for a different girl entirely.

    I'm not saying he made the right decision or that you are not a really great girl. You might be an Olympic class sweetheart, just not for this guy. So don't go and feel rejected and just give the next guy you like a chance to prove himself and don't fret over this last one.

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    1 decade ago

    He's letting you down gently and kindly. He likes and respects you as a person, but is not interested in continuing a relationship with you. He doesn't sound like he wants to meet with you again, but is wishing you well. You could reply to him the same sort of message that you enjoyed your time together, also and that you wish him well. It is the end.

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    1 decade ago

    I think he's letting you down very very gently. He's ending things without actually saying it. When I read it, it sounded like a goodbye.

    He has enjoyed your time together but you don't end a message "All the best" if you're wanting to meet up with someone again! x

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  • 1 decade ago

    he is saying that he enjoyed meeting you but but you are not what he is looking for in a relationship and he is wishing you the best in your future without him. I think that you do not need to respond to this text just take it as it is and move on to the next lucky guy, cause he is not the one for you.

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    its over, what he is saying is that..everything that your offering he himself isn't sure if its what he wants or even if it is there at all, and that although he enjoyed meeting you, and he enjoyed learning about you that he is wishing you all the best and goodbye...that's what im getting from it

  • baby;]
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    1 decade ago

    its over...

    at the moment means right now

    and maybe mean he didnt really know what to say to you


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