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what should i do....STUDY or WORK?

i am 21 years of age.i was a brilliant school student and got very god marks. and after completing higher studies i went to abroad to pursue my higher education.for that i took a bank loan of 20000 dollars.and

i need to work part time for paying its interest.after reaching abroad i could not concentrate in studies and had to work a lot for paying int erst i am 21. 3 years i am thinking what to do. its not practical to study and work and to pay bank interest. my family is not able to support me.nowadays i am in a confusion weather to study or to work for paying bank and any have interesting ideas to share with...what would you do if you were in my situation...don't tell me to ask money to somebody..i cant do that...please suggest any brave and intelligent ideas...i don't want to be a low scale worker forever...but situations forcing me to do mm....good luck...

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    I would suggest you take up a part-time job or start something from home.

    * Find out if there is some work, say, at your local library or at a local estate agent's office. You can do simple data-entry work at either of these places.

    * If you are good with children, you can offer baby-sitting services to people you know in your area.

    * You say you were a brilliant student. So if there is a specific subject which you love, you can teach children. You can even teach adults - there are many adults who wish to learn English or a foreign language.

    * If you are good in a foreign language, do a Google search for online translation jobs.

    * If you have driving licence and are a safe driver, you can offer to drop /pick up kids to school.

    * Are you good at making anything? For example, if you can make cookies, you can start making about a dozen daily and try selling them at a reasonable price to friends. If they spread the good word, you could soon start your own business from home!

    Save every single penny you earn in a bank account to support yourself and, slowly, your family members too. Do not apply for credit cards - you are likely to get tempted to spend your hard-earned money. Then you can do a short part-time course with the money you earn.

    Whatever you decide on, remember NEVER to give up hope. The sun always rises on a new day and a new day means new hopes. Persist in trying for a job - a Reader's Digest article had spoken about how the more 'negatives' you get, the closer you will get to the 'postives'. Have faith in yourself and in God above.


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    If you chose a good paying career you shouldn't be stressing. If you got the money to keep on studying, go on, just get registered but if you don't, work harder and save as much as you can or like you've said you got very good marks, apply for bursaries and scholarships they'll definitely reward you.

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