why my sugar level goes up when i wake up in morning?

i am using medicine Amoral 2mg before breakfast and Nudipar 500mg after dinner i daily check my sugar level it will be fine whole day but when i sleep and at morning i check sugar level goes up why??

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    This is normal. Glycogen stored from the previous day's meals, is converted back to glucose shortly after waking up to prepare you for the day's activities. The reason it goes higher than normal is because your insulin resistance situation needs to be addressed... not with drugs, but with a healthy natural foods based diet and lots of daily exercise.

    Beware of sulfonylureas (Amaryl)... they force the already overworked pancreas to produce more insulin and will in time "wear out" your beta cells precipitating the need for insulin injections. The sooner you start eating right and getting plenty of exercise, the better your chances of avoiding this eventuality.

    Source(s): My own experience. (see my profile)
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    My husband is a diabetic and the sugar level depends largely on what you eat at night. You are on meds that take care of that during the day, but do you eat anything at night that you shouldn't. If your sugar is always high in the morning, you should tell your MD. In the meantime, try some exercising before bed because this will help metabolize any sugar in your body.

  • Gary B
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    1 decade ago

    This is sometime called a "liver dump" actiopn.

    Sugar is stored in your liver, for times when you haven't eaten -- like 4AM in the morning. Your body needs more sugar, so your liver "dumps" it into the blood.

    Sometimes, this can be cured by eating a SMALL snack just before bed - like 3-4 crackers, or a small apple. This gives the body something to work on overnight, and the liver doesn't need to "dump".

    Others need further help, like Lantus Insulin at nightime. Lantus is a time-release insulin, and helps smooth out the liver dump. Regular insulin works too fast, and is gone from your system before the liver dump in the AM.

    Personally, I found that as I kept my blood sugar levels under control for longer and longer periods, the liver dump reactions are reduced, and are now gone.

  • 6 years ago

    my sugar was 124 at night. before i went to bed i had a coffee and a small piece of crumb cake and the next morning it was 165. why is that?

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