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Which Yu Gi Oh Episodes have Bakura? (either dark or the niceo one :3?

Yeah. . . I've recently fallen in love with him, and now I'm going on a Yu Gi Oh spree, which I haven't done in about 6 years, only now I'm watching the Japanese version. :3

I hate the English dub now, it's too edited.

Not that I don't like Bakura's british accent ^///^

Anyways, I'd appreciate the help.

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    Wow, that would be quite a lot of eps...many episodes in the Duelist Kingdom arc (maybe starting from episodes 25-30 onward?), Battle City (he also appears a couple of times in between the two arcs, and evil bakura is definitely in episode 79, i watched it recently)

    Also, the final season of the series(Ancient Egypt) has evil bakura as the main villain.

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    surveys are fun =) 1. What is your Main Deck that you use at the moment? its ''edge of the blinding light'' 2. What is your Soul Deck? ''rage of the dragonlords'' 3. If you could make 1 change to the current ban list, what would it be? i want chaos emperor dragon,. it was my favorite card,. 4. Blackwing Dragon comes out in The Shining Darkness booster pack, will this encourage you more to make a Blackwing deck? i think no,. 5. What do you think Blackwing Dragon's stats will be? (atk, def, type, attribute, effect, level) Will it be the 5th Dragon? 3000atk 2500 def dark dragon when as long as this card remains face up on the field, you can special summon a black wing from your graveyard once per turn 6. What decks do you think are on the Top Tier right now? maybe lightsworns 7. What decks do you think could become Top Tier soon? blackwings? 8. Do you think Cyber Dragon Zwei will revive the Cyber Dragon deck? yeah it will 9. How many episodes of 5D's have you watched? about 4 only,. 10. Do you think that the new Yu-Gi-Oh movie with Yusei, Jaden and Yugi is a good idea? that's an exciting movie! 11. Will you be getting Tag Force 4 when it comes out? maybe not,. 12. Do you think that Red-Eyes beats Blue-Eyes? no,. it cant 13. Say 1 card that you made up. (All of its stats) do you mean i invented? its the fusion of blue eyes ultimate dragon and lord of d. "ultimate lord of dragons" 5500/4000 dragon dark this card cannot be destroyed by battle with dark and light attribute cards negate any effect that target a dragon typr on the field and remove it from play also this card cannot be destroyed by an effect of a trap, spell or monster card 14. What is your favourite ever card? blue eyes shining dragon 15. What was the first ever card you got? a foil heavy storm 16. Do you think that surveys should continue? If so then how often? yes yes yes sure! =)

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    there are several episodes that he appears on.

    first would be on their way to the duelist kingdom on the ship. (that would be around ep 14 *guessing*)

    there is another part where he's lured into an old church and repossessed by yami bakura. (ep 199)

    that's all i can remember, it's been years since i was in the game yet alone the anime.

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