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Americans Chrysler was in chrisis, now it is GM. Why dont you guys buy?

American cars ? I dont think GM would be in crisis if it would do aright at least in America.


European ? Plenty. The germans, well I admit volkswagen has become steep for an everyday person, but there are the french and the italians, if FIAT is sold in America.

And what do you mean by everyday person ? It clearly depends on how much ure willing to spend on a car. Audi doesnt only build 150.000 dollar cars.

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    GM is in trouble due to mismanagement. Did you also know that the auto maker union pays its employees around $75 an hour? With this, it doesn't matter how many cars you sell, it will be hard to turn a profit. How many european auto makers are there that are mass producing cars for the everyday person anyway? Ask yourself that question.

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    Gee I've read these answers and own a Ford and GM and a american motorcycle (Not harley) as well as some jap bikes.

    1) The cost to purchase foreign is cheaper.

    2) Ford , Gm and such make allot of the cars from goods purchased

    not in the USA, so why support them.

    3) I believe the solution is to buy usa and stop buying foreign

    altogether. And only buy from company's that support that thought.

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    Why should I put myself further in debt by purchasing something that I do not need. For the last 40 odd years I have been buying North American built cars and trucks. It is certainly not my fault that they chose to build the wrong cars for the market. I did my part and they pyssed the money away on poor designs and overpaid corporate executives and Unions.

    The "BIG THREE" saw this coming over thirty years ago and continued doing business as usual rather than fix their problems. Again, not my fault and I see no reason why I should have to pay for their ignorance and mismanagement.

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    GM is in crisis for a number of reasons, not the least of which is because so many Americans have become effete snobs who buy foreign for the snob appeal. These are some of the same people who complain because so many jobs are moving overseas. Go figure.

    Source(s): I drive a Ford pickup and a Jeep.
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    If GM made the right product, it would sell. But they don't.

    What I want in a car GM does not make.

    Nor does Chrysler.

    So don't tell me to blindly buy a car that does not met my needs.

    I want a car that is reliable, fun to drive, easy on maintenance and no bigger then necessary.

    Ford at least makes cars that are reliable, and fun to drive. But I only want two seats in my car, which is something Ford does not make in my price range.

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    I just lost my job building Chrysler minivan seats. I made $20 hour. The Chrysler line workers made about $28 hour not $75 Hour. Our economy is bad due to very high fuel cost which affect the cost of almost everything. We can't afford to buy new cars since we almost need a bank loan to fill our fuel tanks or buy groceries.

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    They had the technology to be world leaders. Instead they buried what would have been the best out in the desert. Now they have to catch up. Those who don't keep up with the times get left behind. Toyota or Honda should buy them out.

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    We aren't buying because the American economy is not doing so well right now, duh. That's what happens when money is tight. We're not going to go out and buy a new car when we can't afford it.

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