Any ideas on how to remove hard water spots from dishes? My dishwasher has ruined most of my stemware.?

I recently moved into a new apartment that supposedly had new appliances. My dishes have alot of spots on them and a white film that appears on most, if not all of them. I've tried cleaning the dishwasher with a dishwasher cleaner that you run w/o the dishes in it and I've tried switching dishwashing tablets. I never had this problem before because I rented a beach house and we had a water softener for all of our running water.

I'd hate to have to hand wash my dishes when I have a dishwasher. Plus I like to sanitize my glasses and silverware.

Any suggestions?


I already use tablets that have jet dry in them and I have used vinegar in hot soapy dishwater to get the spots out. They are ruined. It is the glass items that are damaged. My dinnerware is handpainted but dishwasher safe and they are coming out clean after I handwashed them.

Update 2:

As I said above I have used a dishwasher cleaner, not once, not twice but several times. I'm going to contact the rental office today but I try to resolve issues myself if I can. I'm sure they have better things to do and I don't like to be a complainer.;)

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    Try rinsing them with cool water with some white vinegar in it... should remove the spots. If you really want to use the dishwasher you can buy some jet dry to put in it, which helps reduce spots. Also, you can dry them with a towel after the cycle has finished, because I know using the heat dryer on the dishwasher can cause spots, too.

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    Even though you hate to hand wash. Try soaking them in soapy bleach water. Also try using a liquid dishwasher cleaner. Hope this helps.

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    the dishwasher ruined the cup and plate patterns

    hand washing is just as quick, uses less water and is cheaper

    Source(s): personal experience
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