In Yahoo chat, it only says Yahoo! Public Rooms. There are no rooms listed.?

I know yahoo! chat is working, because I know it's working for other people. I tried restarting my computer. It's been going on several days. I even upgraded to the newest yahoo! chat, but still it only says Yahoo! Public Rooms, and no rooms are listed.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yahoo recently did some changes to their rooms by change the ID numbers associated with each room (something you won’t see on messenger). The old room information could still be stored in yoiur messenger folder. Here's three things you can try.

    It could be, since that happened, you still have old stuff in your computer.

    You can try going to C:/Program Files/Yahoo/Messenger/Cache and deleting what is in the cache folder (not the folder itself).

    Just in case, before you delete it, make a copy of the folder called cache, and name it cachebackup, that way if there’s any problems you can put back the old ones.


    If you look thru your cache folder you should see a folder or a file that says something like chatcategories, or chatrooms. If its not there, you can open each cache folder and look for the list.


    Reinstall messenger. First uninstall using add/remove, then you MUST go to the c:/program files/yahoo and delete this folder as well, or the old data will still be there.

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