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Do you believe that the Central Banking Cartel will safeguard its members, is the US not allowed to fall?

It appears to me that the Central Banks have set up something like a super state with all of the big economies included as allies to each other (the central bankers are allies, the politicians aren't always).

Do you think the Central Banks will allow the US to fall or do you think they will help out their buddy who works as the importer in the massive system that they have set up for the world economy?

I may of course be wrong about this, but that is why I asked the question, what is your opinion on all of this?

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    The central banks are controlled by the Rothschilds etc. This time around I think they will let then fall. That is till some world disaster demands that they forgive the idiots in wall street. The world will end up paying for the credit tab of the USA. And I think it stinks!

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