what is this feeling?

like a week a ago i had sex and my boyfriend came in me. Last month he also did but i was not pregnant. Today i feel this cramping in my lower stomach sort of like period cramps. Could i be on the urge of pregnancy? Ive asked a question something like this before but it wasnt enough details. Thanks so much for your help...Any passed experiences of your own?


my period is due in 2 weeks

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    It could possibly be pregnancy (your uterus expanding to make room for the baby) or it could be your oncoming period. If you are trying to get pregnant try have sex again and try and relax as much as possible. Don't think about it too much or you'll psych yourself out.

    Source(s): Before I found out I was pregnant I had little cramping about a week before my period was due...I thought it was going to be my period. Early prenancy and period symptoms are just about the same.
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    There is no reliable "feeling" when it comes to getting pregnant.

    The only reliable way to know that you are pregnant is to wait until AF is late and take an HPT.

    Lots of women will claim various symptoms (like tender breasts and such), but all of these symptoms can be caused by things other than pregnancy and therefore can not be relied upon as an indication of pregnancy.

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    when is your period due?

    Cramps can be a sign of both pregnancy and period, its hard to differenciate because they can be the same symptoms.

    you could be experiencing ovulation now, sperm can live up to 5 days so you may not be preggo, but then you could be... pot luck really.

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    if your period is due in 2 weeks, It most likely wouldn't be on the verge of pregnancy but rather ovulation!! It might be that you are releasing an egg at this point.

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    i didn't have any experience according to this but i,ve read somethings 'bout this.

    yes you could be on the urge of pregnancy but for you to be sure, you should use a pregnancy kit. if it shows positive then you're pregnant. if it's negative then you're not.

    another way to be sure is to consult a doctor or specialist. it's the most precise and sure way to know if your pregnant.

    if you don't have time, you could just refer to the natural signs. either dizziness, vomiting or the uncontrollable urge to eat a lot could be a sign.

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    well i'm 15 weeks pregnant and i got cramps in the begining, so you could be pregnant!

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