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How do you feel about bailing out the big three auto makers?

These are the three that kept making automobile big, BIGer and even BIGGER! Because of their idiotic guestimations, I should help them out of a jam they could have avoided? Maybe paying those UNEDUCATED union worker $32/hour to screw things together wasn't such a great idea in the first place (another example of why unions are killing this country). These OVERPAID auto-worker jobs (like brewery jobs) kind of under-mind the belief that going to college will pay off.

POLL: Bail them out •OR• Make them suffer?

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    make them suffer!!!!!!!

    Im all for socialism when its for healthcare education or something good.

    This s--- is soo annoying!!!

    and democrats are supposed to be socialist??????

    thanks a lot plankton for ruining my morning!!!


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    I work in the auto industry and I am AGAINST the bail out! I agree we should not have to pay for their irresponsibility. The company put themselves in a bad place, the company put their employees in a bad place. People have been moving toward smaller and more fuel efficient cars for how long? And they have made NO effort to change their product. I say if you "make them suffer" as you put it, we would be better off because either the companies would file bankruptcy and be able to reorganize or a foreign auto maker or other american auto maker (yes there are others) will move in and employ the people who lost their jobs and continue production.

    Besides didn't we just bail Chrysler out in 1980 because they were going bankrupt then too? Sounds to me like they just have bad business practices.

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    I don't believe in bailing them out either. When sales are declining most businesses make the changes needed to stay alive. In this case making more fuel efficient vehicles. I disagree with your opinion on unions,overpaid workers,and higher paying jobs undermining an education. These factory jobs are tough,tedious,manual labor jobs. Kids don't want these kind of jobs if they are interested in college. They want a cushy desk job with a six figure salary.

    Source(s): GM employee's son
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    Bail me out why is all the money going to the banks and all the people who already have the money sucks for them learn to budget better and we wouldn't be in this mess the great depression all over again

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    I have bills that are too big for me to pay too, who the hell's gonna bail me out? No one, so I say NO!

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    Like killing a puppy.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Im up NORTH no bailing happening here!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    fish are friends...not food?

    I'm sending my puffer over to eat you

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