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Ever win at the casinos?

I recently visited Las Vegas and even in today's economy people were blowing their money at the tables and making all kinds of bad bets. I saw thousands of dollars change hands at the blackjack table. Everyone I talk to says they are winning at the casino.

Be honest now, do you win ever?

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    58% of all my trips to casinos are winners, add them all together with all of the losing ones, and i have thousands of dollars, hundreds of salmon dinners and a hell of alot of lapdances to show for it.

    Blackjack is the best thing that ever happened in my life.

    Also, variance is huge in the world of gambling and random events, even players not playing with a legitament edge over the casino (pretty much every gambler) does not have 100 percent probibility of losing money over their lifetime since they place so few bets. The casino make money in the sum of all of the hundreds of thousands of bets taking place every day, but the individual only places bets one at a time, and may only make several thousand in their lifetime which is not nearly enough to push the odds of them losing money near 100%

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    Of course people win ever. The house has the advantage, but it's not a huge advantage. People win. More people lose.

    Thousands of dollars change hands at the blackjack table? Of course, that doesn't mean they were bad bets.

    I've won at the casino, I've lost at the casino.

  • Todd L
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    I live in NJ not too far from Atlantic City. We go once or twice a month and I haven't lost in the past 4 visits. Before that I only lost about $100.

    My thing is that I don't play against the casino, I go to the holdem cash games.

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    I sometimes win and sometimes lose. However, since I usually take only a set amount with me to limit my losses on an off-day, I'm ahead in the long run. In general, my losses tend to be worst when my wife comes along, since I have to subsidize her time at the slots.

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    I gamble about once a week. I'd say i win 70% of the time. Except for if I play all slots. Hardly ever win...

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