Do you have any money-saving household tips to pass on?

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    Keep your appliances clean and not only will you prevent them from burning out sooner, but they will run more efficiently, saving you money on electric bills.

    There are also some repairs that you can make yourself if you are a little handy and can spare the time. Repairing the belt on your dryer is one such repair you can do yourself.

    If you are bored, it might be good to check out Repair Help and Maintenance tips for your appliance before you have a problem.

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    A large portion of our grocery money usually goes for household cleaners and paper products.

    You will be surprised to know that a simple mixture of vinager and water is an inexpensive, effective cleaner and not harmfull to the environment! It has been shown to kill bacteria and is an antifungal as well.

    Using rags cut from worn out sheets and towels instead of paper towels to clean up spills around the house can also save you money, and save a tree in the process.

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    Use Clorox for disinfecting instead of ready made cleaners,it kills strap and strep. Dilute with water and of course keep out of the reach of children. Never,never mix with any other cleaners like ammonia as it can kill you from the fumes.Read the label for cleaning tips. Use baking soda for a soft abrasive to clean cook tops and stoves.Vinegar for glass and to run through coffeepot then several rinses with clean water to keep them from getting clogged.Your washer too,rund a gallon thru a regular cycle. Use half lemon juice and half water and put in the microwave for a minute or two and clean it without the expensive clearner this does a great job.Recycle plastic grocery bags to pack Christmas packages you mail instead of bubble wrap.Line small wastebaskets with the plastic bags.Insulate your water heater with a insulation jacket sold at Lowe's of Home Depot they cost about $20 dollars but saves on your electic bill. Make sure to keep toliets and faucets from dripping or running and replace gaskets or ball in toliet tanks,you could be paying for wasted water.Keep drafts from your houseuse "draft catchers" or make them yourself if you sew. Turn all lights off when not in the room.Make sure your dryer vent is free of dust and lint.Keep the back of the fridge dust free too.Cold water wash. Have a yard sale in the spring for anything you have not used for a year.Go to the library to read magazines and get videos,a great place for the kids too as they have reading/storybook programs for kids.Plan meals around sales at the supermarket.Learn to make homemade soups in big pots and freeze some for a quick lunch later. Hold off the instant foods and learn to make cakes and things from scratch.You can cut corners so many ways and not sacrifice your quality of life at the same time just doing what our parents did everyday..Make it a family thing if that applies.Involve the kids too.They can come up with great ideas and it gets them to be a part of the family.

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    you could save a lot of money by bringing your lunch at work and by cooking home instead of eating out, wash laundry in the evening when the price of electricity is lower, on a nice day hang your laundry outside on a clothes line not only you save money but it also helps the environment.

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    Buy fruits and vegetables in season. Many holistic health experts think it is not only less expensive but better for your health to eat in harmony with the environment and climate.

    Plan your meals in advance and try not to go to the grocery store without a shopping list

    Avoid buying nonfood items such as detergent, toothpaste, shampoo, napkins, and facial tissues at the grocery store. Usually you can get these items much cheaper at discount or warehouse stores.

    Buy cheaper cuts of meat and cook them in a crock pot to make them tender and flavorful.

    Use up leftovers to make soup. Make soup broth from leftover meat, bones and vegetable scraps.

    Go out to eat for lunch instead of dinner. The menus are often the same, only with much lower prices for lunch time.

    Avoid buying packaged and processed foods. Make foods from scratch using preservative free ingredients. You'll save money and be healthier for it, too.

    Look for coupons in the paper each week for restaurants and save them in a folder for future use. I keep my coupons and carry out menus in plastic cover sheets in a big binder so I can find them easy for busy nights.

    And my own tips:

    Take your own lunch to work - Cook large portions and freeze

    Only buy vegies/fruit as you need - I am amazed at how much food I throw away - I buy things at the grocery store with the intention of using them.

    Plan you meals to avoid wasting food like above

    Hang washing out! So much better for the environment and execise too! Bend and stretch! hehe

    Turn appliances off at the switch - appliances on stand by burns alot of electricity

    If you have kids, do simple things with them. Kids think they need expensive toys, outings etc, but they wil have so much fun doing things like making their own cubby houses out of sheets, having picnics, making cupcakes etc etc etc

    Finally ebay all the things you dont use/need anymore. You will be amazes at how much you can earn. Or hold a street garage sale - you will attract lots of people when a more people join you.

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    i went the dollar general last week and was shocked at all the food they had for a $ and was good stuff. I had been in other dollar stores and never saw this before. go check the ones in your area seems they all are a little diff.. buy all your cleaners and stuff there.

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    Hi Nomee,

    Read this short article on tips to save money. Am sure you will find it helpful!

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    use dirt cheap toothpaste to clean your fridge, sinks and tubs. It really leaves them shining... and MINTY fresh!

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    **stay at home more often and if possible, spend lesser money than you usually spend.

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