I have several questions about egyptian gods?

Who's really the egyptian god of health? Is it Horus? If not, who then?

Also, who is really the egyptian god of healing? Is it Imhotep? If not, who then?

The internet IS NOT always accurate in telling me who's really the egyptian god of health, and who's really the egyptian god of healing.

Make sure you're really correct here when you give me an answer. I want a reference where you found this information as well.

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    Imhotep was never one of the ancient Egyptian gods as such.

    He became a cult figure in the Ptolemaic Greco-Roman era and was worshipped as such at the Giza complex. Alexander the Great was another who became deified and worshipped as a god.

    The goddess of healing is Isis.According to Egyptian mythology she collected the pieces of her murdered and dismembered husband Osiris and breathed life into him long enough to conceive their son Horus.She also healed Horus after one of the many battles with his uncle Set had left him blind.

    Hathor is acknowledged as the goddess and protector of women and motherhood.

    So if an ancient Egyptian was to pray to the gods for health or healing they would do so invoking the name of Isis and or Hathor.

    Quite often they would leave an token representing the part of the body that needed healing, at the temple.

    Similar acts of faith or "sympathetic magic" are still carried out by Roman Catholics at places such as Lourdes.

    You are quite correct there is a lot of misinformation on the inet and for this reason I never advise students to use "wikipedia" as a reference,or for gathering information.

    The site I am referring you to is conducted by a colleague of mine who is a well recognized Egyptologist.


    Source(s): Egyptologist
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    Don't forget Sekhmet. Although she was the goddess of pestilence and disease, she also had the power to remove disease, and so her role was as a healer aswell.

    Source(s): Most prayers to Sekhmet are either to remove an affliction or to prevent one from ocurring.
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