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How do I get an acting job in Thailand?

I am european and no acting experience.

I want to become an actor in Thailad-what should I do?

Where to find auditions?How to know they actually need people like me?

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    Take acting lessons and learn to speak Thai. And if you don't make the big time here you can always go to Laos, Cambodia or even better yet Burma.

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    First of all you have to have a "look" that they are looking for and secondly, if you know someone here in the industry it will open the most doors for you.

    In the recent past, several Thai movies have had foreign actors with the movie Sum Tum starring a big Australian ? wrestler.

    Modeling, acting community in Bangkok is pretty close knit and it all depends who you are know and who you are.

    If you are super good looking, there is a place around Ratchadapisek Soi 20 that employs all kinds of foreign models male and female, but from what I have seen, these people are so good looking it is a sin

    Source(s): Live in Thailand, know people in the modeling industry
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