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I have a pregnant friend who's 12?

Well, she ain't really my friend, but we used to be really good friends. We are just in a fight right now, but anyway....

She was dating this boy (who's also 12) for a while but just for sex. They had sex and she went to the doctors yesterday and now she is pregnant. She is really happy about it actually, I don't know why, but she is.

So my question is.....I've heard that it is really bad for a 12-year-old to be pregnant, physically. How? Will it like, be too much weight for her or something?


No. I am not lying. I was asking why my breast hurt because they did hurt. I ended up asking the school nurse about that one. She said that was just up cause they are growing. And yes, my ex-friend is pregnant, she is happy about it. I just want to know what might happen to her

Update 2:

And she is telling the truth. I was sleeping over at our BFF's house. Then she had to go cause she got a call from my ex-friend that she needed someone to go to the hospital with her. So our best friend went with her to the doctors. And was waiting outside in the waiting room when she got the news. Then my BFF came back shocked and told me the news....

Update 3:

stop saying that I am the pregnant girl! 1. I am a proud christain and i dont plan to have sex until marriage.

2. I know a 16 year old with a baby. I know how she wants to be a teen and wants to have fun but she is constanting having to take care of the baby! I dont wanna be like that! I wanna have fun!

3. What is your buisness accusing me of being pregant! Even if I was I am asking a question and you shouldn't be commenting here unless your answering!

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    Her body is too small, and not quite mature enough to know how to handle being pregnant. Babies who are born to people under the age of 20 and over the age of 35 are at higher risk for premature labor, chromosome disorders like downs syndrome, and other birth defects. Then there are the risk to the woman, or this case child. She will have to be emotionally strong to handle all the responsibility, plus the hormonal surges that her body is not yet use to from her normal period, let alone pregnancy hormones. Then there is the fact her body is too small, most likely will have to under go a c-section to have the baby, and the risk of hemorrhage is also greater. What in God's name is a 12 year old doing having sex. Where were her parents, and why were they not parenting? I suggest if you are doing the same thing as your "friend" to get put on protection. Having a baby at the age of twelve is bad for all involved, your mother, yourself, your partner, and the baby. It is turning into a sad world. How is a 12 year old left alone with a boy? My 11 year old sister is not allowed to go anywhere without an adult. We know where our 14 year old boys are at all times. They are allowed to "date" as in going to the school dance or going to a movie with a girl with either us or their parents present. When did parents stop parenting?

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    I highly suggest you get out of that fight and try and support her!

    I can't imagine a 12 year old having sex, but that is besides the point..

    I'm 18 years old and because of my young age by a couple years, my baby is at risk for a preterm delivery due to Placenta Previa that turned into a Placenta Abruption. and I'm an adult! I totally couldn't imagine doing this at any younger age! I feel horrible for being my age (young) and putting my baby at risk. I totally wish I would have waited a couple years (at least.)

    A 12 year old is a very high risk pregnancy so she will be going to her dr a lot.

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    It is hard on a yonug girl to be pregnant because her body is not fully mature. There have been 12 yr old girls who have had healthy babies tho. She will need to be under a Drs care because at her age, she is considered a high risk pregnancy.

    I am not sure what you guys fought about, but if you care about her, you need to make up because she will need a friend in the months to come.

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    Im with bunny^, I think this question is for yourself you are 12 and you did post a question about boobs hurting. You shouldn't even be having sex at this age and shouldn't you be in school? Do your parents know and who is gonna take care of the child while you go to school?

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    weight no but she is playing with her life being so young. good god help us all. sorry to say that but honestly i was 19 when i got pregnant ffor the first time and i thought i was young. all i hear on here is 16,15,14 and now 12.

    i give myself alot of credit because i was with my man for 4 years by then and we are now married with two beautiful boys and im 22. but this guy may not stay with her. no 12 year old wants that responsibility. are you sure she is telling you the truth. unless i was their to see to believe i wouldnt believe it. hopefully she just wants attention

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    Yeah something like that. So since you are like fighting right now are you hoping she will have problems or will you help her treat herself right so she has a happy healthy baby?

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    her body is still growing and developing and she might need a c-section because her hips are probably very small and narrow and not ready to deliver a baby naturally. but im not an expert & im not certain, just my thought.

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    honey ive just looked at your profile and you are 12 are you sure your not on about yourself.because you posted a question asking why your boobs hurt!

    its not a good idea to post questions when they are not true

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    Every one`s different, and every pregnancy is different. congrats to the friend your in a fight with.

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