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How can I be in the friend zone, with this girl i like?

I like this girl who runs cross country in my school, and I have talked to her 3 times and she is also in my facebook, it went smooth everytime i talk to her in school, but how can i just be in the friend zone with her?

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    Dude the just friends thing is worse than being enemies. You should turn on the charm and be sweet to her. If she doesn't like that then tell her how it offended you. It is usually at this phase when they find you more interesting.

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    well think that if i want to be friend of that gril i will ask her that if she has e-mail that´ss a good idea for start talking with her then you will be more confortable when you talk to her. i do that many times and that really works then you´ll become his friend

    *sorry for the misspelling i do my best i hope you understand it

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    just keep talking to her and ask her can u be my friend but say it in like a funny way or maybe she thinks u guys are friends b/c of face book

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