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Make Dreamweaver stop rewriting my ampersands?

Okay... so I'm trying to write some semi-valid XHTML on a page that contains a LOT of mapquest links. These of course have a bunch of ampersands in them for the GET data. Problem is, XHTML requires that you encode them as "&", but Dreamweaver has this awful "feature" in which it rewrites them as just "&" everytime you save the file.

So. I've tried looking through the config files, I tried changing stuff there but nothing I did worked. I can't find anything in the options that will do it (I found some things that look like they should, but they have no effect). I'm aware there are workarounds, like fixing it outside of dreamweaver, but the problem is everytime I want to go back and edit the page in Dreamweaver after that, I'll have to do it all over again. So I need something that will fix the actual behavior of DW, not just fix the URLs once.

Also, I'm using Dreamweaver MX.

Whew. Any suggestions?


okay.. yahoo rewrites them too. what i mean to say is that XHTML requires me to write them as "& amp;" but without the space.

Update 2:

um... i didn't delete your question... or report it or anything else... thanks for the hilarious answer though.

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