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Ways to entertain the elderly?

im home with my grandmother and we have nothing to do.

she is easily amused, but I cant figure out anything to do with her. any ideas? we have tried baking (didn't go well..) so please don't suggest that.


i like the history thing, but shes very.....forgetful. thanks though, maybe i can use it with my grandpa instead ;)

Update 2:

oh yea, my brother has to do something with us to. we have dont walks (about 50 times) and we dont have any pets to walk

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    Well, I'm elderly, and I can be entertained with movies, the computer, such as this Answers site, and ice cream. Use your imagination. Why not read a book out loud.

  • 1 decade ago thing I would do is just relax and do whatever comes up instead of worrying about it.

    Your grandmother may just enjoy your company and talking to you (and your brother). Find out what her favorite television shows are and make sure she gets her time to watch. Read to her from the daily newspaper. Show her some things on the computer that you do. Sit outside on the porch. Tell her about YOUR life, even if she cannot tell you about her history. If she is really limited with dementia and or Alzheimer's, then do simple things with her. Look at pictures...etc.

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    My grandma loved game shows on TV - we would both play along and it was fun :) She also loved simple card games like War and dice games like Bunco.

    Does she have a trunk or attic or special drawer the two of you can go through? My grandma had a button box - a tin full of hundreds of buttons - and each one seemed to have a story.

    Sometimes just being together is nice too. It may seem awkward or uncomfortable to not be doing something, but sometimes elderly folks just appreciate the quiet company.

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    Play card and board games. Sit and talk and make notes of their lives, history, ancestry, relatives. One thing I most regret not doing was not asking my parents/grandparents question about their lives and now they are gone and I don't have any resources to find out about the family name. I am willing to gamble that the elderly will be more than happy to talk about themselves and their experiences.

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    From 1 grandmom to another: Love to read, get the large print tho, I try to or even audio


    Ask for stories about her dating days:::we all had them

    Jigsaw puzzle:::large pieces

    Make a small list of her fav receipes

    Have a good ole time!

    Talk to her about YOUR future

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    Paint nails!! Its girly and grandmas think its cute.

    Ask her to look at a photo album with you

    Play a board/card game

    Just have random question answer talks. youll learn alot

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    Just visit with her about her past!! How they lived in the "old days"!!!You have a "history book" in your presence and don't know it!!

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    go through old photo's

    tell old stories

    watch a movie

    walk the dogs

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