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This ques. is only for science genius!?

I wanted to ask what is THEORY OF EVERYTHING!!!

and also one more thing to ask

i heard that no one in this world has been able to combine these all the theories

and is it also true that Einstein tried it in last period but failed!!!!

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    It is a question that scientists have been grappling with for centuries - what is the one complete beautiful law that explains everything. It is a vey difficult thing to imagine - a simple set of rules that explains everything from the sub-atomic, where something can be a particle or a wave or both at the same time, and you can change the results just by looking at them, up to the astronomic, where everything is getting further apart, and there appears to be no limit to how big the universe is.

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    There is a wikipedia article on it. The most commonly accepted current version is the "standard model". Yes, there have been some improvements since Einstein.

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    There is no theory of everything - yet. It may be some variant of string theory, or it may not.

    Einstein tried for many years and failed.

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