Isn't this taking losing an election too far?

The article speaks for itself.

I'm sure most in here will say "He should expect this from people".

IMO, this is taking things too far.


P.S. Hopefully people will let this question stay on here. The truth needs to be told sometimes.

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    Yeah, I read that article. The US isn't somewhere I really think of secession as being truly capable of happening. Yet I've heard that Sarah Palin was supposedly for the secession of Alaska. Our country stays much stronger as a whole than it would as individual units.

    So what if Obama has dark colored skin. I just want a president that does a good job. And it would be really hard for him to do a worse job than George Bush. And John McCain just represented a continuation of Bush's policies, which we don't need when our country is in such a bad situation because of Bush.

    The article does make a valid point though in that until now these white extremist groups haven't had a large rallying point to rally around. I think Obama becoming president probably will bring a large number of white racists out of the woods. I think it's sad that such a large number of people in the US are still racist.

    Our country needs to pray for and support Obama, because he will definitely need prayer and support with the mess he has to clean up and probably the number of racist people that would like to kill him.

    And it didn't help that McCain and Palin tried to paint him as a terrorist. To me, that was going WAY too far regarding negative campaigning. A candidate for the presidency should never be accused of being a terrorist.

  • Carra
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    1 decade ago

    It's sickening that things like this is taking place; however, it's important to know that not all Caucasian people are not the culprits.

    This goes to show that racism is very much so alive and well. I just wonder how embarrassing it'll be when those who behave in such an erratic way are face to face with God and He asks:...1 John 4:20.

    Look it up you'll be amazed!!!

    I'm glad to see the Secret Service taking such comments and events so seriously. That's where Psalms 105:15

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    Racial hate incidents are nothing new. Blacks picking on whites passing through their inner city neighborhood is an example of racial hate. Obama is perceived by many (don't forget 46% of the population and that's almost half voted against him) as a polarizing figure pushing the scale towards mainly blacks (he's one of them as he's said that himself), welfare recipients, labor union's power to intimidate workers who are not interested in joining. One important factor in the discontent were open statements by blacks that they based their vote strictly on the basis of obama's skin color at a time when it's considered absolutely unacceptable for whites to do the same. Those who proclaimed the end of racial tensions in the United States right after the election sounded like blind newborn kittens. Quiet deeply rooted discontent is ultimately much more powerful than loud whining.

  • Matt W
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    1 decade ago

    Of course it is. Sadly, the idiots who perform such acts cast doubts on those of us who oppose the stated policies of the incoming administration. I am, however, optimistic that Obama will be able to see reality for what it is and make appropriate choices. I may not agree with all of them, but that's fine. He is my President and I look forward to his administration with a mingling of hope and concern.

    Those who cannot deal with his ethnicity need to move into the current century - or heck even last century. And stop undercutting valid concerns.

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    You will always find a small group of people committing violent acts. Just like the gay protestors of prop 8, they got violent too. Look at the looters when a crisis happens, Katrina?

    Answerer no1 is a racist herself. She is one that is inspiring hate. Even stating that "whites will be a minority" doesn't help the matters at hand. You can think in your tiny mind that this election was about race but for me voting against obama was due to his poliies and inexperience. We are not all bigots.

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    I think a lot of things said on this forum were "taking things too far".

    When an individual or a group starts defacing public or private property (burning crosses and spraying graffiti), they need a visit from the local law enforcement, not the Secret Service.

    An "assassination betting pool" is crass and tasteless but it is not an assassination attempt.

    An effigy of Sarah Palin was displayed with a rope around its neck, and people on this forum laughed.

    Where's their "sense of humor" now?

    Finally, the thing that causes me to discount this whole article is the author's grouping of various incidents under the umbrella of "white supremacy", like saying "Boo!" (and it's supposed to scare you). Ruby Ridge was a deranged malcontent survivalist who hated government and taxes; Waco was a self-styled, control freak messiah who had a penchant for molesting little girls, and the other was a domestic terrorist who took up "Waco" as a cause.

    Says to me that either the author didn't bother to research his article, or, more likely, it was just written with as much sensationalism as he could muster.

    In that respect, the article does indeed "speak for itself".

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    After the Civil War was the rise of the KKK and many other hate

    groups..and that ended in 1865.

    Still there is many of these great Grand children still around and not

    just in the south.

    The world is getting better but we as a country have a long ways to go.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The depth and viciousness of their hatred terrifies me.

    Their easy use of all the old Dixie Icons...the burning cross, the effigies. ...The old epthets.... the Grand Old Flag.

    Where have they been hiding that sh**t all these years?

    I feel like I'm stuck in a Harper Lee novel.

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    The good news is that; majority of americans are decent people, they moved past hate on Nov 4. Hopefully many more will move in that direction too. Many still post here who are just filled with hate and rage, but you can't win against a guy who spent 21 months going from coast to coast telling us about hope and change. Sarah Palin tried with her 'palling with terrorist' line but failed

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That is so sad and disheartening. I've been saying all along that most of the unprecedented vitriol and hatred directed at Obama is racially motivated. Most of those engaging in it will deny this, but the fact that he's both the first black President-Elect and the first President-Elect to face these sorts of accusations is too much of a coincidence for me. Hopefully these incidents will die down. Some people are so ignorant.

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