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i'm going to try to quit but i'm afraid i'll miss it...ex-smokers?

i have been smoking since i was 12 and am now 25. i get really bad sinus infections and when i could hardly walk up a hill this weekend i knew it was time. but i honestly like smoking and am afraid i am going to miss it. it has been such a huge part of my life for so long. any smokers out there who feel this way? how did you ex-smokers deal with this problem? thanks

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    I would firstly suggest that you stop thinking of quitting smoking as a difficult thing, unfortunately we now have an anti-smoking culture, people think of smokers as some great evil rather than victims of an addiction they do not choose to suffer from. This culture has influenced how we approach quitting, people think if smokers continue to suffer in order to smoke then they must enjoy smoking thus quitting will deprive them of something so will be difficult, when logically the fact smokers suffer should make quitting easier. There are actually laws and policies in place so methods that don't require willpower are restricted, it's believed huge willpower must be required to break away from smoking, being told this is hardly motivation to quit! It's less about willpower, more about understanding the nature of the addition to overcome it.

    I'd recommend EASYWAY, sure it sounds like some lame form of self-help, I suppose it is, however it has a - 90% success rate - and once quit with Easyway very few go back, I've yet to meet someone who didn't agree that this was the best method they had found. Easyway like it says is 'easy' as there is no willpower required, there is no suffering weight gain or bad moods after quitting, and no constant longing for a cigarette, instead you feel positive from the first day you quit. The method works by dealing with the mental addiction rather than the chemical, after all smokers can go all night without being woken up by cravings, nicotine may be highly addictive but the withdrawals and cravings are minute, it's all mental. A lot of it is really common sense but it's that common sense that the addiction cancels out, sure you know it will kill you and it costs a fortune but you still continue, that darn addiction is overriding your own brain. Easyway program kicks that addictions grasp on your logic and deprograms the brainwashing about quitting being difficult or social dependancy on having a cigarette in your hand, you can then quit successfully and happily without and ill effects or feeling deprived of your cigarettes. The course comes in different forms, you can by books from Amazon used or new from another seller for practically nothing, I tend to buy copies for £3-£4 to give away, the books also give you a 20% discount from the clinics. The clinics are the main program, they cost around £220 but they offer a full money back guarentee and you can go back as often as you need to, the books contain the same information as the clinics but the books are in a different format and without the one-to-one support.

    There are of course other methods, tips to help you quit, most are about as much use as, well, as continuing to smoke is to your health. Sure some methods work for some people, it's just luck to find one that works for, strike that, with the right mental attitude anything can work, thus it is luck to be able to find that mental attitude because heaven knows it can be years between attempts to quit.

    If you go cold turkey then I recommend coffee as it feeds your bodies addition to caffeine so gets rid of the caffeine cravings which in turn takes the edge off nicotine cravings, the bitterness puts you off smoking, and coffee is good for helping clear all that junk that will be coming off your lungs – don't try this if you're used to a smoke on your coffee break. Avoid quitting with friends, if one of you fails then it just gives you an excuse to stop trying too, by all means find a local support group with other smokers trying to quit to give you some support. If you find yourself laying in bed reflecting on how much you want to quit then get up and write it down because in the morning you are sure to forget those thoughts and feelings.

    There is nicotine replacement, there are various nicotine replacement methods, lozenges, patches, gum, inhalator, these are expensive buy try discount stores as these sometimes stock them cheap, or if you live in the UK you can get them for free on the NHS. Although be warned as on the NHS you have to go to smoking clinics, they control the doses and if you fail you have to wait another six months before you can try again, and in reality once you fail if you don't try again right away it can take years before you're in that mindset again. There are various drugs such as Zyban which act on your brain to help stop the cravings, you start them a few weeks before you want to quit smoking to help ease off the cravings. My friend's parents used one of these drugs, they were actually disgusted by cigarettes so much after using these drugs that his father threw up at the mere smell of his cigarette tin. You can get this on the NHS in the UK, again if you fail you have to wait another six months before you can try again, some doctors may not prescribe it as there are some side effects.

    Other methods include the mouthwash, this is otherwise known as evil juice of doom, it is like the bad tasting stuff you put on your nails to stop you biting them, you use this sprayed onto your tounge so when you smoke it makes it taste disgusting. Herbal cigarettes are totally great as they keep your mouth and hands busy, they look like normal cigarettes although are lighter and don't contain the million or so additives of normal cigarettes that would probably kill you faster than the tobacco itself. The problem is that being a smoker your sense of smell would likely be a little off, when smoking around other people they will soon make you aware that these herbal cigarettes smell like excrement.

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    All you need to remember is the physical addiction to nicotine only lasts 3 days. You will probably go crazy for those 3 days (i know i did) so stay as busy as possible and try your hardest not to think about it. After that, just keep in mind the addiction is purely mental. Within 20 minutes of your last cigarette your blood pressure goes back to normal, after 3 days your body has pushed out most of the nicotine. Its ALL mental after that. If you just tell yourself its your own will power, you will have an easier time with it, especially if you are as stubborn as i am ;) I had a really hard time driving, that was my favorite time to smoke, but im much happier at work especially now that its cold, my house doesn't smell anymore, i feel better and healthier. Its all about reminding yourself how much happier you are gonna be when you aren't chained to those cigs. Good luck, you absolutely can do it.

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    I quit 30 years ago and still miss it at times. For me it was harder to get over the act of smoking than the addiction of it.My saving grace ie every night I dream that I am still a smoker and this satisfies my cravings.

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    I quit smoking when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. It was the best thing I ever did on my own. Have I wanted a cigarette since, sure. But now when I smoke it makes me a bit sick! I've been trying to convince my husband to quit for years!

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    When you smoke, the nicotine from your cigarette causes receptors in your brain to release a chemical called dopamine, which is what causes many of the positive feelings you get when you smoke. When you quit smoking, going without dopamine causes the sometimes miserable signs and symptoms of withdrawal. Signs and symptoms such as irritability, insomnia and difficulty concentrating begin four to six hours after your last cigarette and can last a month after you quit smoking.

    Nicotine replacement products, including the patch, gum and lozenges, and the antidepressant bupropion (Zyban), can help you stop smoking, in part, by continuing to release low levels of dopamine in your brain. In this way, these stop-smoking medications decrease your craving for nicotine and reduce the signs and symptoms of withdrawal.

    Chantix works in this way, too. Chantix stimulates the release of low levels of dopamine in your brain to help reduce the signs and symptoms of withdrawal. In addition, Chantix blocks nicotine receptors in your brain. So if you lapse and have a cigarette, your cigarette doesn't stimulate your brain's receptors the way it did in the past. Cigarettes become much less pleasurable, and your desire to return to regular smoking again may be reduced.

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    Dum-Dum lollipops.

    Seems kinda silly, I know. And I do still miss a smoke now and then, but it's getting better....been about a month now...

    But to be honest - if you don't want to quit, you won't. You have to really be serious about wanting to quit. For me that made it easier.

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    ha! i know how you feel.smoking is so hard to give up when you love doing it in the first place.i am a smoker and i love it. but health wise it is killing me for my vocals.but the first step is agreeing it is bad for you.that much you got right.the best way in my books are cold turkey. just waking up one day and never touching it again from that point on patch,no pills,etc...this way you can honestly say you did it on your own and for that matter you would be more proud of yourself and stay a non-smoker.the patch and pills and any aids that help you quit smoking only work for a period of time.thats a known fact for day you will wake up and say this is the day and never touch it can do it ...i know you are already taking the steps as we speak by seeking advice and talking about it and you know in your heart that it is bad for your health....good for you....i believe you can do it i have confidence in you.

    one tip though....keep a half pack of cigerettes around to show yourself you have will power...and when a person passes a cigerette to another grab it and pass it for thm...don`t end up being scared to be around them or try to fight it by not looking at them or smelling them.cause every second person smokes and you will be around it for ever.

    one day you will want to see your grandkids graduate from is sad when you wont get that chance because you decided smoking was more fullfilling.....take it from a mother who is losing the grandmother to her children because of it.....she is dyeing as we speak because of kids are going to miss her terribly.

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    I tried to quit many times. The only thing that worked for me and stuck for years is a electronic cigarette.

    Some information can be found here:

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    The first month will be the worst but if you can persevere during then afterwards it will gradually become easier and you will gradually become fitter and there will be a noticeable change in the money in your pocket ;)

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    go! experience life! i mean its only one day just go and have fun. if u cant even do this then how will u move out?! just take steps for the real world. i think u should go

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