What else should I do?

Guess what yall I went to the doctor on Thursday and they ran some more blood work and they send me to get an ultrasound done blood work negative again and for the ultrasound they said everything was normal but they didn't tell me Yes everything is normal with the pregnancy or No your not pregnant but everything is normal I dont know what else to do, I've been throwing up, nausea, dizzy, sore breast,tired and all this symptoms I mostly get them in the morning I havent had a period since September 2, 2008 which is 2 1/2 months. I dont know if I should wait and just leave it like that or get a second opinion from a different doctor please talk to me help me find out what is wrong with me My mom thinks that I am pregnant, my mother inlaw came to my house this weekend and she told me if your nipple is like a dark brown going to like a black color that means you are pregnant because normal nipples are a light brown color and guess what my nipple is really dark I dont mean to be nasty sorry but thats what she told me help me out please

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    Hmmm, I always thought that blood work was 100% accurate.

    I would seek out a second opinion, and if it turns out that you aren't pregnant then you need them to help you find out what is causing your symptoms. It's not good to be skipping periods, but this can be caused by a number of things, eating unhealthy, not getting enough exercise, or even stress. It might even be the stress of wanting a baby so bad, and not knowing if you are pregnant or not.

    It's possible the symptoms could be psychosomatic, but that is probably not the case. If any doctor says that I would seek a second or third opinion, because a lot of times doctors are wrong. I have heard of so many cases where doctors thought the patients just had a mental thing and then it turned out to be a rare condition. I don't want to freak you out though! It doesn't sound like anything serious at all. :)

    Oh and P.S., morning sickness can come at any time of day.

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    You have a right to that Ultrasound report that was typed up after your visit. Go into the office where it was done and tell the secretary you'd like to sign a record release to obtain that report. Read it and it will tell you what you want to know. If you are too young to understand the medical jargon have an adult read it with you. Or get back to me with what it says and I will decipher it and tell you wether or not you're pregnant. Is that what you want to know??

    Source(s): Medical Secretary for years, now working in Cancer Research.
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    Hun, you are pregnant. And being sick will only last the first term which you are almost done with. You'll get over it soon, but good luck with the morning sickness.

    XOXO Zen

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    Get a second opinion. Somebody should be able to find something. Maybe even try the ER.

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    go to the doctor..and say am i pregnant? if you are..decide what to do..if you aren't ask the doctor what's going on with not having your period.

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