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Problems getting to close to a guy I like...WHY? Help!?

When I like a guy, I don't like being to near him. If he walks by I can't even look at him, and when our eyes lock I'm the one who looks away first! I tried to do the opposite things but I never get myself to do it!

Have some of you experienced it? What's you reason?? Why?

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    Are you shy? I used to be completely like this. I just had to make myself get over it. Sure it was kinda awkward the first couple of times but when you find the perfect someone then all of this anxiety just melts away!

    Good luck sweetie :) xxx

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    you obviously like him a lot


    you're just nervous and shy

    tip: be confident

    hold the eye contact

    that one second of eye contact could be the most amazing one second of your life

    it's perfect, and if he holds it too, you know you're in

    = P

    and after one or two seconds, smile, flick your hair and look away

    guys cant resist the hair :)

    good luck babe


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    well that's because u're shy and obviously like him a lot, unless u overcome ur shyness, the symptoms will straighten urself and try to look at him so he would realize that u like him too, coz obviously u won't be doing the first step.....good luck

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    Dont sweat it, some guys LOVE shy girls, they find it cute.

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