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Genetics question....I'm curious?

Ok I lived in Japan for about 6 years. During my stay well.....I guess ill be blunt, I had alot of partners. About two years ago I moved back to America and found myself a lovely woman. We got hitched and I started a family. I have three daughters with this woman (Sybl, October, and Julia). About five months ago I got a surprising visit from Japan. Apparently during my stay I managed to sire a daughter from one of my partners over their. After the initial shock and confirming blood test, it was a heart felt reunion. Naturally my wife was furious but I managed to calm her down. Surprisingly enough about 5 weeks ago I got a surprise call from Japan. Another one of my ex partners apparently had sired twin daughter from me and had been searching for me for several years. I flew to Japan telling my wife I had a buisneuss trip. After another confirming blood test another heart felt reunion was held. I flew back to America three days later. My question is that I'm wondering if its possible for a man to only be able to sire daughters? I ask this because that same woman from Japan that sired my twins called again telling me she was pregnant and I really need a son if my last name is to continue.

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    You are really convincing in all your questions. Have you ever thought about becoming a writer?

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    Yes it is the male that determines sex and there are some males that can only produce one sex during their whole reproductive lifetime. However, sex determination is not genetic but chromosomal (x and y). Genetically we are all female until about the 6th week in the womb.

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    No i don,t think so. If you believe in the Homunculus theory then blame the women.

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