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Can anyone tell me what do you use the legs on a deer for. Like what meat and what it is best used for. Thanks?

this is my first time to ever try and process a deer myself so we can save some money. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hind legs do have meat - it's been a while since I processed one, but I cleaned all the meat off I know. I graded the meat #1, #2 and #3 when I was packaging it - #1 being the backstraps and best meat, #2 being roasts and other steaks... I want to say the leg meat is #3. You can can it or turn it into burger, jerky, or whatever. We usually cut the non-meaty parts of the legs up and put them in the freezer for our dogs.

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    I agree with the second lady, I am a former chef and would grind it and mix it with either ground pork or regular ground beef for burger, meatloafs, meat balls, even a kicker spicy chili, also you can dice it for stew, I used to make a venison stew with port wine, wild mushrooms and juniper berries one place I was a chef in, even with other meats for pates and terrines. I would compare it to a shank in beef or leg of lamb, but it does need slow cooking, even use a dark beer if wine is not your choice.

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    I've never heard of saving the leg meat. Everyone I know just throws them away. Is there even enough meat on the legs to even mess with.

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