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What big business got rich during the 1920s?

What companies or People gained the most wealth before the drop of the stock market

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  • Tom Z
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    The 20's were prosperous years. By 1929 industrial production was nearly twice what it had been in 1913.


    General Motors


    General Electric

    J.P. Morgan

    Standard Oil

    Pennsylvania Railroad

    Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

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  • Gem
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    A lot of them.

    The '20s were known as the "Roaring 20's"

    Because everything was booming following WW1

    What we need to look at is what companies got rich during the 30s.

    All the real losses and horror came in the 30s.

    Our '20s just ended, that ship has sailed.

    We have to start looking at what businesses thrived and grew DURING the bad '30s.

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