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chin up bar.................?

how can i make my chin up so its not so god damn pain full on my hands. i could put a tube of foam on it but thats to much hard work, really. so if any of you use a chin up bar what do you do?


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    I just wrapped mine with like white, kind of soft tape. its pretty easy to do.

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    I drilled holes in my door physique to mount my chin up bar interior the final place I lived. as quickly as I moved it replaced into high quality. I crammed the holes with glue and painted over it. No concern. This time I hung my bar from the rafters interior the basement. It has some play in it inspite of the incontrovertible fact that and that's tougher to do pullups.

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    Hi there,

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    Wear work out gloves.

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    Use pull up gloves, provide you with better grip :)

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    1 decade ago

    put powder or corn flour on your hands

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    O well!!!


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