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i have a dilemma and need some help please?

ok i used to live in ohio but me and my family moved to texas to get away from my stepdad about 2 yrs ago, but when i was there me and this girl were really good friends and we were about to start dating but then i found out i was moving, i mean we still keep in touch and everything and we have both dated people since i left but we still have feelings for eachother....and i want to move back to ohio to be with her but my brother and sister need me here cuz their only 8 and 10, and she has her own siblings that she has to be with. but we really want to be with eachother

could you please give me ur opinions of wat we could do, thank you.

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    A lot of people want things real bad. If you two were meant to be together it will eventually happen. It just might not happen right now. You both have family commitments. It really is hard to move away from your siblings that need you. Only time will tell. I went through the same thing. It took 17 years before I ran into this guy I left behind. I know that seems like a long time, But like I said If it was meant to be than you'll find a way to work things out. Good Luck.

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