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Question for females only! Breast development and self respect?



In most western societies breast development is a big stage for females. The fashion industry and media turned female breasts into

a sexual symbol through time. Feminist proclaim that breasts are not sexual and are meant to feed babies. There are various perspectives that continue the debate about breasts as sexual and a natural part of the female body meant to feed babies.

Many men/males in the western societies have become breast obsessive and stare at them often. Are females comfortable with men who fantasize and stare at your breasts?

There is another saying that if you have them flaunt them. Do most females follow this philosophy? If so why? If you don't follow this philosophy what is your reason?

Media has somewhat made the female look like a sex object for a males appreciation. This is debatable though but do females in western societies feel like they are only respected for their body?

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. If you look at it gives a more scientific approach to breasts and development. Should society stop using breasts as a sexual object and use a more scientific approach or should everything remain the same?

Last question is that there has been some scientific evidence that bras have contributed to breast cancer because how it pinches the lymph nodes. Some also proclaim bras are not needed and should be allow to hang freely. What is your view on this? Should females have to wear a bra or a camisole which doesn't pinch the lymph nodes in the armpit?

NOTE: Please reply in a mature and respectful manner. No spamming or lewd comments. If one notices lewd comments, trolling, or spamming and you have the power to thumb them down please do so. Please reply in a educated manner. Please NO males answer. Thank you very much.

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    The fact is that breasts are made for feeding children AND they are sexual in nature at the same time. I personally think that what the media has done is confuse society into thinking they have to be one or the other. They can't be both. And that's just a ridiculous notion to me.

    I'm one who doesn't care if men are attracted to my breasts. I will wear clothing that highlights them from time to time. But unless I'm with my lover, I don't care for men who can only gawk and gape at my breasts for the simple reason that I am not just one body part. I am a whole person and I expect the whole person to be recognized. In other words, if someone is checking out my breasts, it is respectful to the person to be subtle.

    As for the bra issue, I have always been envious of the women who are able to go braless. I don't think that all women can or should forego the bra at all times. I am one who never would go braless unless I am home and not going anywhere or doing anything. I'm a well-endowed woman. While bras can be quite uncomfortable, wearing a bra doesn't even compare to the discomfort or even pain of going without a bra.

    I suspect that if bras have any link to breast cancer due to pinching of the lymph nodes that it would be because the majority of women are wearing bras that are the wrong size because they don't know that they should be fitted several times in their life. If women get fitted once, most think that's the size they are for life. But breast size changes throughout a woman's lifetime. It is always a wise choice to have your fitting checked every year to make sure you're still choosing the right size bras.

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    I don't like guys staring at me, or fantasizing about me in general. It's creepy.

    I don't know about most females. I don't think about my breasts when I'm putting clothes on, aside from the "does it fit properly?" aspect. I don't really see why I should flaunt them, if I don't like being stared at. Seems kind of dumb to do so.

    A lot of women that I've talked to feel that, no matter what they have going for them, people are only going to think of them as bodies... Not their level of intelligence, or their personality, or anything. These women tend to be frustrated because of this blind spot.

    I think they should find something else, other than the breast, to advertise products. I don't like the idea of being a billboard or a commodity. The breast can stay sexual to some degree, but I think that should be a private matter.

    Women should wear what ever makes them comfortable, and should make wise choices when picking out garments.

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    Breasts simply are sexual, whether the media portrays them as such or not doesn't change that fact. Men find them attractive and they have a sexual function for the woman (enhancing pleasure). To deny this and say they are only for breastfeeding is silly! They are for both.

    No, I'm not comfortable with the idea of a man staring at my chest and fantasizing about it. Which is why I refuse to flaunt them. I will not make myself into an object for men to lust over. My body is private, something for me and my husband to enjoy and nobody else.

    Media has encouraged women to make themselves into sex objects, and many women have willingly gone along with that even though you don't have to. I see so many women, particularly young adults and teens, who wander around all summer long in tiny outfits even though if you shop around you can find modest stuff to wear. The choice is theirs. I can't blame the media for that at all. And neither should anyone else. If a woman is dressing like an object she loses the right to whine about men being pigs who treat her like an object. If she wasn't presenting herself in that manner, they would treat her better. I know this from experience.

    As for bras, I don't think it's better not to wear one. You can get bras with no underwire if you are concerned about the effects on your lymph nodes. Not wearing bras at all??? Ew. Not pretty and definitely uncomfortable. The support helps alot. I suspect breast cancer is caused far more often by all the hormonal birth control women use these days. That stuff is poison. Abortions and miscarriages can increase your risk of breast cancer, while pregnancy and breastfeeding decrease it quite a bit. Given how many women abort and how many put off childbearing (and then don't breastfeed) I think maybe that has something to do with it too.

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    You can't demand that only females answer this question as it is an open forum.

    As far as I'm concerned it is wrong to tell a woman what to feel about any part of her body. If a woman wants to use her breasts for sexual reason why not let her, likewise if a woman only wants to breast feed with her breasts then she shouldn't be made to feel bad about that. The most respectful thing a man can do is not assume one way or the other. The idea of telling a woman (who for the sake of argument) doesn't want children that her body should only be used to feed her children is just as bad as making an asexual ultra-maternal woman over-sexualise herself.

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    I don't care if a man fantasizes over my breasts. If he stares at them and it is obvious to me then I write him off as creepy or socially inept and he has pretty much lost his chance with me.

    I flaunt them sometimes. I happen to find cleavage very pretty and classy. I find cleavage of other women aesthetically pleasing as well, very feminine yet puts the grr in girl.

    No I don't feel respected for only my body. I am educated, articulate, my personality and character define me, not my looks. But I'll only be young once, and looks fade, so I do embrace and enjoy that part of me.

    I don't feel they're used as sexual objects, they are secondary sex organs, both functional and sexy so I don't desire in a change in how they are portrayed.

    I often go braless. I get dirty looks occasionally but that is their concern, not mine! If I don't want to wear one, I don't, doing otherwise is quite baffling to me.

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    Would you date a guy who has had his penis enlarged? Sure most guys prefer large breasts, but very few guys would not date someone because of small breasts and many actually prefer it. Most guys are turned off by fake breasts, and I personally find girls with fake breasts vain and artificial. It sounds like a cliche but what you really need to do is to accept yourself, dont be too caught up in outward appearance.

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    I think that the sexual appreciation of breasts is just as natural as breast feeding. I've heard the argument from some feminists that in Africa breasts are not seen as sex objects so this means that it must be cultural. FALSE, it could be racial. Black men seem to get more excited about bottoms than breasts. For white men and no doubt some black men too breasts are sexy and I'm sure it's biological and not cultural.

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    Listen my friend. I'm attracted to female curves. And breast only enhance those curves. The only thing the media has done is exploit a natural male desire. Attraction is NOT a choice.

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