I need help with my thining hair. Is there something I can take or put on it to make it grow?

15 yrs ago I had cancer, I lost all my hair. It came back but was thin, now its getting worse over the yrs. I'm 53 & its worse on the sides underneth. Please if you know something that might help, tell me. Thank you

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    Congratulations on being a survivor!

    First, you should have it checked out by a dermatologist to make sure there is not an underlying medical problem that could be treated (low iron, vitamin or protein deficiency, hormone imbalance, thyroid condition, PCOS, etc). If you have a medical condition, it's possible that treating the medical condition could bring back some of your hair.

    If it is not a medical reason, some people have had good luck with Minoxidil (Rogaine) -- it's available over-the-counter, but you have to keep using it forever once you start. The dermatologist can tell you about it too. For women who are post-menopausal, there are other medication options like Propecia and Avodart that require a doctor's prescription.

    I have thin hair and I use a scalp makeup called ShaBo that actually covers the light spots on my scalp and makes my hair LOOK thicker. The lady is so nice and will send free samples if you'd like to try it.

  • Hair is an indicator of health. It can even be examined under a microscope and studied , this determines lots of information about an individual's health. You may be experiencing alopecia, see your doctor for the best advise. Your needs will be best met by a physician, and don't expect a product as a quick fix. Do you eat healthy? There are some foods which are important to healthy hair. Human hair is composed of protein. Do you colour your hair? If so, stop colouring it for some time and allow your hair to grow out without chemicals. Be careful of the products that you use on your hair, some are carcinogenic.

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    eat healthy

    # There are many shampoos and conditioners on the market that are geared towards helping an individual thicken her hair. They can be bought at hair salons or some drug stores. Nioxin and Rogaine are among the most popular ones. The key to success with these products is using them regularly.

    # apply coconut oil for 3 hours twice a week , you will see a great results

    Source(s): for more hair and skin care tips http://charmingwomen.googlepages.com/
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    Get all your nutrients including protein and minerals. Massage your scalp and get enough relaxation and sleep to reduce stress.

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