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whats the difference between cheerleaders and rally girls? Are they the same?


I watch this show called Friday Night lights where its common for a girl to accuse her boyfriend of "flirting with Rally Girls" so I think that Rally girls are somehow associated with football as per the football based drama

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    they both go "hmmmm"

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    Rally Girl

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    There are no loonies at tea party rallies. Even at the fringe. Tea party people chase them away, Come to the site of Tea Party rally 15 minutes after everyone leaves and what does one see? A very clean site. Cleaner, in fact, than a nearby part of the public area where there was no rally. Come to the site of a liberal rally, take for one example "The Million Mom March" -- they are mothers and children right? They'll be clean too, right? Wrong. A pig pen. Pallets of undistributed materials just left there by the organizers. Thousands and thousands of trash just dropped wherever. Garbage containers knocked over. Dirty diapers left for the DC City clean up crews, some leaking. That's from eyewitness reports and photos, True story. Typical of a liberal rally. Pigs.

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    I think Rally girls are flag girls.. you know the girls who carry around the flags.. and I think all of you know the definition of cheerleaders..

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    There is no such thing as a "rally girl" at least in connection with the sport of football.

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    They all got vaginas, so the difference is......

    How they like it.

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    Thanks! very informative and this offers me better knowledge

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