How do I handle some "blah" birthday gifts?

My boyfriend got my some presents for my birthday and they were nice, but pretty unthoughtful (except for the candy i like). he got me two pieces of jewelry that are cute but not anything that i would especially like and a stuffed curious george. i have never been particularly interested in curious george and do not particularly like monkeys. i like stuffed animals but usually when they are an animal i really like. last year he special ordered a book that i had seen but could not afford from a little book store across the country for me. he couldnt do it online, he had to call the bookstore and have them go and find the book and send it to him. it was the most special and thoughtful thing anyone has ever done. we've been going out for a few years and i felt let down by his gifts this year like he doesn't know me at all. i'm not hung up on the money-there are some things under $5.00 that i would have loved and would have felt were more personal. he specifically asked me for a list of things i wanted (which is usually not my style), and then he didn't get anything on the list, so its not like he had no guidance. seriously, im not a materialistic b****. its the thought that counts and this year i felt like there was no thought. but i didn't want to hurt his feelings. what should i do?

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    I've given some gifts that went over really well, and some that really flopped. The difference wasn't necessarily how well I knew the person involved, or how much thought/time/effort I put into finding what I honestly thought was the "perfect" gift. Sometimes, you think you've found something that the receiver would really like if only they had thought to ask for it. I would smile, and thank him, and move on. I know it kinda sucks when you don't get stuff you want (especially if you think you might), but part of being in a relationship is accepting that people aren't always perfect or mind readers. Maybe he honestly thought you would like the jewelry, or didn't realize that you don't like monkeys. Honestly, I count myself lucky to get one present from my s/o, and I don't doubt that he loves me.

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    you do nothing. you smile and be grateful that he bought you anything. he probably trashed the list and wanted to be a bit creative. but you still don't say anything. opening your mouth will only make you look shallow and materialistic.

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